Advertising Your PT Business on Social Media

If you are a personal trainer and not currently using social media to market your business then you are missing out on gaining a ton of exposure for your PT business. Social media has many different avenues to advertise your business and it’s getting bigger by the day.

Personal trainers have in the past used traditional marketing techniques such as newspaper ads and letter box drops with flyers. Over time and the advancement of technology these marketing strategies have become quite ineffective, time consuming and costly.

Social media marketing if used correctly can have a huge impact on your business if you have a clear plan of action, a goal and a determined outcome. An example of this could be a plan to gain access to more people interested in health and fitness in your local area, a goal to generate more leads and a determined outcome being people opting in to a landing page with their name, email and phone number to receive a free PT session, group training pass or something else of value.

When advertising your PT business on social media you can have a number of outcomes. One might be simply to grow your branding and exposure, another might be to generate leads and another one might be to sell something such as an eBook.

Probably the most used platform for advertising on social media is Facebook. Facebook has done a fantastic job of giving businesses every opportunity to target their specific market of prospects. By using different demographics such as age and location, interests and behaviours, lookalike audiences and more, businesses can really get their advertisements in front of the right people.

Some of the options to advertise your business through Facebook include:

  • Sending people to your website (or a specific landing page)
  • Increasing conversions on your website (for a sale of some sort)
  • Boosting your Facebook posts
  • Increasing your likes and following (to increase your fan base)
  • Getting installs on your mobile app
  • Increasing the engagement in your app
  • Reaching people in your local area
  • Raising attendance for an event
  • Increasing people claiming an offer you promote
  • Increasing video views

Depending on what your end goal from your specific advertisement is, you have a lot of options to capture the attention of your target market. This is extremely important for a personal trainer looking to advertise on social media.

As well as Facebook, another social media giant that is now moving into Ads is Instagram. Instagram is massive with personal trainers and the fitness industry and is really engaged as well. Instagram is starting to roll out it’s advertising platform and will soon be available to everyday users.

One of the great things about advertising with Instagram will be the fact that Instagram is owned by Facebook, which means you will be able to target people who have their Instagram account linked to their Facebook account through the same targeting features used on Facebook.

Some of the new advertising features you will be able to use on Instagram will be to ‘Buy Now’, this will be powerful for personal trainers looking to sell eBooks, workout plans, PT sessions and more. You will also be able to get people to Sign Up (to an offer or promotion), Install (for mobile apps), and also learn more.

When Instagram ads hit the market, personal trainers looking to use social media marketing will really be able to capitalise on this easy to use platform.

In regards to really being able to capitalise on generating leads through social media, it is advisable to have a lead capture web page where fans and followers can leave their details such as their name, email and phone number to receive something of value.

This will help you be able to actually generate leads directly from your social media advertising efforts. Once you have the details of your leads, you can then continue to market to them ongoing, call them up if you have their phone number and help turn your marketing dollars into paying clients.

Other social media sites that you can advertise on include YouTube. YouTube can be a great place for you to really be seen as an expert in your field. You can advertise and have direct links from your videos directing people to websites or landing pages where you can then make sales.

One of the great things about videos are that if you create them often and with really good value you can really start being seen as an expert in your field. There’s something about seeing people on video and thinking of them as some sort of celebrity. This builds a lot of social proof for a personal trainer in particular. The great thing is, with YouTube, anyone can become a celebrity, especially with specifically targeted YouTube ads for health and fitness related videos.

Whatever platform you decide on, one thing is for certain, social media is not going anywhere. In fact, it’s only getting bigger as we move into the future. If you haven’t yet got your head around marketing your pt business on social media or advertising your business using ads, now is the time to start learning, implementing and capitalising on this huge opportunity.

If you would like to learn some specific strategies on how to market your PT business on Facebook, then please CLICK HERE to gain access to a quick video showing you what the TOP PTs are doing in the industry right now to generate new leads through Facebook.