Business Networking For Personal Trainers

Business network is on the tip of every body’s tongue right now and it is something you can use to get your personal training business up and running or add a new lease of life to your career. Finding groups to network with can be quite easy, just like anything when you are pointed in the right direction.

A lot of the time, all it takes is a quick search on Google. Try typing something like “business networking events” (your location) and this should display a good list of options. Some people living in rural areas may have to travel a bit further but going the extra mile is always worth it. This is your future and livelihood.
When you have chosen a business networking group, they will often encourage you to attend two or three meetings before asking you to set up a membership. This means you can try before you buy.
What to Expect?

Business network meetings usually involve breakfast and refreshments, people dressed up in suits, many of them will probably be out of shape, indulging on coffee and fried breakfasts. Some of the people here could be your future clients as well as business associates but first you need to make them want you!
Gift of the Gab

Meetings will then take on a formal stance where everybody gets a chance to give a mini presentation of who they are. This will usually be about 60 seconds due to a high number of people, make sure the things you say are relevant.
60 seconds is not a lot of time, so you should always brain storm an outline of who you are and what you do as a profession.

(You will meet people from all walks of life at these events so be prepared to be asked anything).
The exhibition will then move on to one-on-one meetings where you can follow up on any queries you have with specific individuals, take notes from their 60 second pitch so you can recap in further detail in your one-on-one session. Be insightful and act as though you are intrigued by what others have to tell you. If you come across as distracted or disinterested, people around you will quickly take notice and not want to waste their breath.
General Rules

Every business network will have its own guidelines and format that you will be expected to follow if you join. One of the largest in Australia is BNI. It has a very solid reputation and a solid membership base with reported revenue of over $300 million being generated through referrals.

If you wish to find another alternative then one should search on Google as I previously mentioned, contact the leader of each group and see what they can offer you.

How Will You Survive Your First Business Network Meeting?

1. As a personal trainer, people will expect you to practise what you preach. Your industry and trade is based on aesthetics and if you look like you don’t commit to the product you sell, don’t expect others to perceive you in a positive light. Don’t start your meeting with a greasy fry-up, instead opt for the continental breakfast.

2. You don’t have to get suited and booted but should aim to look well dressed. Sweat pants, PT shirt with logo and such is all fine, it will make you stand out from the crowd. Just make sure you are creaseless, clean and well fitted.

3. Don’t use the opportunity to sell your product, instead promote yourself in a tasteful way. First you should build up trust, get to know people THEN the sales will come to you. All good things take time and effort, business associates can be your friends if you have room to accommodate them. This can also lead to more referrals.

4. As cheesy as it may sound, try helping others first and give back more than you expect. Having this outlook will show others that you are a good person concerned with more than just making money.

5. Don’t sell to the room, talk to people as though you are addressing their individual circumstances. Be specific and personalise your conversations with people.