How to Attract More Clients For Your PT Business

One of the best ways to attract more clients to your PT business is to run a short seminar or information night. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to really brand yourself as an expert and is a perfect way to then turn your attendees into new PT clients.

PTs are constantly looking at how to get more personal training clients for their business using new and different marketing strategies. The great thing about running an information evening or short seminar is that you are effectively marketing your personal training business by way of adding value to people.

There are many different topics you could hold your short seminar or information evening on. A few different examples are:

  • Nutrition (there are many different areas of nutrition you can go into here)
  • Supplements
  • Workout Techniques
  • Weight Loss
  • Pregnancy Training
  • Health & Wellness
  • Motivation and Mindset

These are just a few of the many different topics you could run a short seminar or information evening for. The key will be to use your expertise and speak on something you are passionate about.

When planning a short seminar or information evening to help you attract more clients for your PT business, you will need a location. Some good ideas around a location could be your local Gym or your PT studio. Other ideas for holding your event could be to hold it at a hired conference room.

Other things you will need to take into account when planning your seminar or information evening will be how you market your event. You want to hit multiple avenues in regards to your marketing.

Here are a few different ideas on ways in which you should be looking to gain exposure for your event:

  • Creating short promo videos to use on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Create flyers and give them out to your current clients and ask them to bring a friend or family member along
  • Deliver some flyers in your local area
  • If you work out of a gym, make sure all the members are aware of your event and get them to register (you could have an ipad handy and register them on the spot)
  • Market on Facebook through boosted Posts and Facebook Ads
  • Advertise your event on your website with a link to where people can register
  • Send out a series of emails to your database providing value and information about the event
  • Speak to local businesses in the area and see if you can leave some flyers at their store or give them to their clients
  • Speak to local sporting clubs who may benefit from your short seminar or information evening
  • Contact event websites and get your seminar displayed online (search what’s on it ‘your city’)

You want to be hitting a number of different avenues when it comes to marketing your event. The key will be preparation and consistent marketing.

It is also advisable to create an event online so people can register to attend. One of the best sites for creating events where people can receive tickets is Eventbrite. Eventbrite will not only let you set up an event, you will also be able to take payment if you are charging people to attend, they will also help you market your event out to their network of event attendees.

Once you have created an event through Eventbrite you will then have somewhere you can direct people to register. This is a key element in running a successful information night or short seminar.

If you want to know how to increase pt clients, then this is one of the highest converting strategies available.

Some final tips on running a successful event and getting as many attendees as possible are:

  • Have a giveaway for every attendee that will entice them to come along
  • Have a special giveaway if your clients bring a friend or family member
  • Keep in constant contact with people who have registered to make sure they come along
  • Have a conversion plan ready for the end of your webinar where you can convert your attendees to new clients

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