Our 11 Ultimate Marketing Secret Weapons

At PT Business Coaches we often say to operate a successful, sustainable and profitable personal training business in 2015 and beyond, trainers must become better at marketing their business. This includes, online marketing and offline marketing.

Here are 11 things that we feel personal trainers must be doing with their business and marketing. Enjoy

Our 11 Ultimate Marketing Secret Weapons

1. Have a great unique selling proposition and promote it at all times.

2. Always have a great offer on the back of your business card and your home page.

3. Tailor and deliver your message to the right market.

4. Use pictures and testimonials that prove your case on your website and marketing materials.

5. Optimise your direct mail campaigns with telemarketing straight after it.

6. Learn to sell more to existing members/clients to increase your average dollar sale.

7. Run a referral competition every year.

8. Seek out long lost members and enquiries and promote to them with a tripwire (an offer in $20).

9. Always personalise your marketing copy and write like you are speaking to one person.

10. Always be looking at ways to leverage off other people or businesses, e.g. do a cross-promotion with a health food store or a host beneficiary with a hairdressing salon.

11. Find mentors, business growth programs that help accelerate your business success.