11 Headline Templates That Will Dramatically Improve Your SALES

No doubt, the headline is the most important part of any marketing or sales copy. The reason is very obvious. The headline is the first thing your personal training prospect sees when he or she looks at your advertisement.

Most advertising experts agree than an attention-grabbing headline is the key ingredient in a successful advertisement. The headline is an advertisement for your advertisement; it’s that simple!

Check out our 11 headline templates to help you dramatically increase your sales.

1. The Direct Headline
Direct Headlines or the Plain and Simple Headlines, as I like to call it, states the selling proposition directly with no hidden meanings or wordplay. “No Joining Fee And The First 30 Days Free If You Join By Christmas Day” is a headline that is about as direct as you can get.

2. The Indirect Headline
Indirect Headlines are used to raise the reader’s curiosity. They pull the audience in, and the body copy fills in the rest of the information. Indirect Headlines use double meanings, puns, plays on words, figures of speech, metaphors and symbolism.

3. The News Headline
If you have something newsworthy about a new product or service, announce it in your headline. This could also include an improvement of an existing product or service.

4. The Question Headline
To use this headline, you must really know your market. You need to know what your prospect is thinking, what their fears and frustrations are including their wants and desires.

5. The Give-Me Headline
The Give-Me Headline is all about your promise. When you have a magnificent and compelling offer, this is a great way to really grab your reader’s attention.
An example of this kind of headline would be, “You Give Me 3 Hours Per Week And I’ll Promise You’ll Be In Your Best Shape Of Your Life!”

6. The How-To Headline
The How-To Headline is my favorite headline of all time. Many advertising experts claim if you begin with how to, you can’t write a bad headline. There are more than 8,000 books in print with how to in their titles. Why? Because these two humble words simply work!

7. The Reason Why Headline
With the Reason Why Headline, you give your prospect specific reasons why they should read your ad. Reason Why Headlines are effective because they contain facts and specific numbers.

Reason Why Headlines don’t necessarily need to include the words “reason why” although I believe it makes this headline more powerful. Other introductory phrases such as “7 Ways”, “5 Steps” and “Here’s How” can also work really well.

8. The Testimonial Headline
The Testimonial Headline is just what it says; it uses a member testimonial for a headline. With this headline, you get your members to sell for you by talking about the benefits they received from using your product or service.

9. The Emotional Headline
The Emotional Headline is simply a headline that echoes an emotion your prospect or member is already feeling.

I used to own a fitness club in Melbourne, Australia with the demographics of our members being 45+. A headline that would grab this demographic’s attention would have been, “Are You Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired?”

10. The Warning Headline
If you are writing a piece of marketing or sales copy that involves a serious issue, the warning headline can be very effective in grabbing the reader’s attention.
It helps if you can align it with facts and figures or add credibility in any way. For example, “WARNING: 27.9% Of All Australians Are Obese. Don’t Be Another Statistic!”

11. The Command Headline
The Command Headline generates sales by telling your prospect or member what to do. Your command should encourage action by offering your prospect or member a benefit that will help them achieve their goal.

When you are assigned to write an email, print ad or direct mail piece, write a lot of headlines first. If you can come up with a great headline, you are almost sure to have a great ad. But, even the greatest copywriter can’t save an ad with a poor headline. That is how important headline writing really is.

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