11 Quick Ways to Generate Leads For Your Personal Training Business

Generating leads for your personal training business can be tough. It’s the number one reason that most Personal Trainers don’t get past their second year in the industry. In this blog post, we have outlined the top 11 quick ways for you to generate new leads for your PT business.

11 Quick Ways to Generate Leads For Your PT Business

1. Direct letter to existing clients asking for referrals ($50 referral reward)

2. Lead Boxes with great offer, e.g. Win 6-Months Worth of FREE Personal Training

3. Do cross-promotions with other businesses that have a similar target market, e.g. health food stores or sport stores

4. Implement a reactivation campaign for ex members/clients, via a sequential email campaign

5. Go to networking events in your local area

6. Always have an offer on the back of your business cards, e.g. 3 FREE Personal Training Sessions valued at $99

7. Give out $100 plastic gift cards to all ex enquiries and ex members asking them to come back and trial your services

8. Do an outreach campaign outside your local shopping mall or supermarket, e.g. run a competition and have people enter your draw

9. Have an opt-in form on your website with a great offer, e.g. 3 FREE Personal Training Sessions valued at $99

10. Have custom built tabs on your Facebook page that allows consumers to opt-in and receive your free offer

11. Promote your services within local school

We hope the tips above give you some strategies that you can implement into your business to increase your leads and new clients for your business. For more tips and strategies on personal trainer marketing, please CLICKING HERE to find out more.

The Team at PT Business Coaches