11 Simple Online Strategies to Attract More Leads

In 2015 it’s never been more important for a personal trainer to know about online marketing…that is if you want to grow a sustainable, profitable and successful PT business?

Online marketing doesn’t need to be complicated…in fact it’s not. You just need to start. Below I have put together 11 simple online strategies to help you attract more leads. If you keep consistant with these methods then you will start to see an increase in your lead generation, which ultimately will result in more clients for your Personal Training business.

1. Send out regular weekly nurture content emails to your database with great offers every second or third week.

2. Have a kick-ass newsletter that you send out at least every two weeks with different offers and promotions.

3. Post regularly on Facebook with links back to your homepage or lead capture pages.

4. Run Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your specific lead capture page.

5. Run boosted posts on Facebook with a great offer every 14-days.

6. Have custom built Facebook Tabs on your Business Facebook page to attract leads through the opt-in form.

7. Send out videos to your database on the benefits of starting an exercise program with you. Always have a simple call to action at the end.

8. Have auto-responders attached to you homepage opt-in form that continuously nurtures the relationship between you and the lead.

9. Have video testimonials on your website with the last frame being a call to action.

10. Have great lead magnets on your home page and lead capture pages. Always offer an up-sell tripwire, e.g. $7 for four personal training sessions.

11. Drive traffic to your online pages or website with offline marketing, e.g. have your website address on all you offline marketing materials.

We hope you start to implement these strategies moving forward and start to see more and more leads come through the door. Make 2015 all about taking action and responsibility for the success of your personal training business.