11 Ways to Improve Your Fitness Bootcamp & Challenges

Getting more numbers into your Bootcamps and Challenges is all about doing small things that make a big difference.

These “one-percenters” may seem trivial, but when you add them up they make a huge difference to your current attendees and also the amount of referrals that you will get in the future.

Remember, action changes things. Read 11 Ways to Improve Your Fitness Bootcamps and Challenges below…then take MASSIVE ACTION.

  1. Add more class variety with the short-term program.
  1. Use a software system or some type of system designed to show your clients their end results. This should be a print out.
  1. Send motivational emails to the attendees every day to keep them on track and focused.
  1. Get to know all the names of the attendees and learn something about them, e.g. what they do for work.
  1. Create a private Facebook group and invite them to join and ask questions related to health and fitness.
  1. Take the time to call each attendee after the first week to ensure they know the level of commitment required to achieve their specific heath and fitness goals. This increases retention.
  1. Give all participants bonus materials, e.g. food journal or nutritional support.
  1. Send all participants random individual text message congratulating them on how well they did during a particular session.
  1. Announce when an individual participant has achieved an individual goal, e.g. lost 10 pounds.
  1. Organise a special surprise session that is not part of the program, e.g. a beach session or a hike.
  1. Organise a surprise catch-up as a social event to allow everyone to get to know each other better, this helps with retention and your ability to convert them into your next program, e.g. semi-private personal training.