21 Ways to Increase Your Fitness Bootcamps & Challenges Sales Conversions

The key to increasing your sales conversions from prospects to paying clients is to often think outside the box. You can have the best marketing in the fitness industry, creating dozens of fresh leads every month for your personal training business, but if you can’ convert you leads you have no business…that is the harsh reality!

Here are 21 ways to increase your Fitness Bootcamps & Challenges sales conversions. Enjoy

21 Ways to Increase Your Fitness Bootcamps & Challenges Sales Conversions

1. Allow payment flexibility.

2. Offer program exclusivity.

3. Become a master closer.

4. Learn to ask for the sale more then once.

5. Target better prospects (your niche market.)

6. Use a structured sales script over the phone.

7. Have your face-to-face sales script well rehearsed.

8. Spend more time building rapport with prospects.

9. Print and distribute a program benefits list for your short-term programs.

10. Sell scarcity, limited time and number offers.

11. Survey prospects that didn’t buy to obtain feedback.

12. Ensure you sell you uniqueness and points of difference.

13. Focus on referrals and reward the referee.

14. Offer an added value product to close the sale, e.g. nutritional support.

15. Increase and improve your follow up systems.

16. Simplify your programs and the buying process.

17. Offer a powerful guarantee. At a minimum: 100% money back.

18. Have plenty of testimonials handy – social proof is crucial.

19.Educate on value and not on your price points.

20. Under promise and over deliver. Then ask for referrals.

21. Sell your support service to make the prospect feel more comfortable in their buying decision.