7 Benefits of Running Semi-Private Format

The key to making more money as a personal trainer per hour, whilst not having to work more hours is to do more ‘semi-private training.’

The natural progression from one-on-one personal training is to venture into semi-private.

Here is an example. If you charge $70 per hour for a 60-minute one-on-one personal training session, you could charge four people $35 dollars each for 60-minutes and make $140 for that hour.

That is double the revenue with the same hour. Personal training is classified as a ‘time for money’ business model. So it stands to reason that the more money you want to make, the more you should be charging per hour…simple right!

Here are 7 key benefits of running a semi-private format

7 Benefits of Running Semi-Private Format

1. Semi-private personal training is a premier offer. This format is a “leveraged model’ meaning you can make more money for your time.

2. It’s still a slightly lower price point than one-on-one personal training so it opens up your market a lot more.

3. You can easily up-sell from this format, e.g. nutrition coaching and check in calls.

4. It allows you to really connect with people more than a large group format or bootcamp format.

5. This format can be implemented outdoors meaning you won’t need to pay anyone rent for leasing space. You can even do semi-private sessions at home, e.g. garage.

6. This format makes it more fun to train clients because you can get very specific with your training workouts.

7. This format allows you to make a lot more money than one-on-one training without the stress of large group fitness.