Best Marketing Ideas for Personal Trainers

As a personal trainer business coach, I often get asked what the best marketing ideas for personal trainers are. In short, there is no one answer, generating more PT clients comes down to a variety of different marketing strategies working together. If you truly want to generate more personal training clients then understanding a few key marketing fundamentals is crucial.

For example, if you are a asking the question ‘how do I marketing my PT business’ then you need to first figure out what the end result of your marketing will be. Is it a phone call, is it someone opting-in or enquiring about your services, is it someone coming in directly off the street into your studio as a result of your marketing or are you marketing to purely build your brand?

An area that a lot of PTs fall down when it comes to marketing is that they want to increase pt clients yet make it extremely hard for themselves. Before I even discuss the best marketing ideas for personal trainers, you need to ask yourself, where is the marketing I’m doing directing people to? If you are simply sending people to a website, this is a pretty poor start. This rings true more so if the website you are sending people to sucks. If you are sending people to somewhere where they can leave their contact details to register however, this is a much better result. This way, you are actually acquiring peoples contact details, and that’s the number 1 step you need to understand before anything. As the saying goes, the money is in the list. Your list and database of clients will become your most valuable asset.

Building your list is something that will need to built and nurtured over time. Once you understand that you need to build your database to increase personal training clients, then you are ready to start learning the most effective marketing strategies to use. There are many different marketing ideas for pts, there is online marketing, offline marketing, guerrilla marketing, social media marketing to name just a few different types. Something you also need to understand is that marketing and advertising are 2 separate things.

Marketing includes building your brand, gaining brand recognition, building a profile. Whereas advertising is more about promoting your business. So what is it that you want to do, market your pt business or advertise? The answer is that you want to be doing both. You need to be building your brand as well as advertising and promoting.

I have many PT clients coming to me asking should I market my business on social media. The short answer there is a definite YES. You don’t just want to market your pt business on social media, you want to totally dominate social media. Master Facebook, then add Instagram to the mix, start utilizing YouTube to start building your brand and integrate Twitter into the equation as well. Get your current clients following you on all platforms, or at least the ones they hang out on. Social media is not going anywhere, it’s not the way of the future, it’s the way of now. Our society is now so embedded in social media that things are only going to get more connected. So that is one of my biggest marketing ideas for you to start to implement.

Going back to my first point though, it’s not enough to just be on social media, the marketing ideas for personal trainers revolve around turning the following you build up on social media to your database and then onto become clients. You do this by having either a lead capture page or a custom Facebook tab where you can give away some sort of offer or deal so that people will leave their contact details with you. So investigate lead pages or custom Facebook tabs to help you convert your fans into clients.

Other solid marketing ideas for pts to help generate more personal training clients includes building partnerships with other local businesses. Find businesses in your local area where you can create a win-win relationship and offer discounts or benefits to each other’s client base. This benefits both businesses and has a very minimal cost outlay.

One of the best marketing strategies to increase pt clients is referral marketing. By this I don’t just mean asking your clients to bring a friend. You need to incentivize your referral strategy. Reward your clients for bringing people down. Create a competition for your clients and run an actual referral promotion between them. Offer anything from prizes to discounts on their own personal training packages. By adding an incentive people are more likely to take action.

Also, if you seriously want to generate more pt clients then make sure that your branding and online presence is professional. If your website is old, or looks unprofessional people checking out yourwebsite will make that judgment on your personal training business as a whole. So make sure your branding and presence is always professional. Stand out from the crowd.

Marketing also comes down to follow up and systems. Do you have a follow up email campaign for people who enquire about your business? Do you nurture your list and database by offering value and great content? Or do you just promote and advertise your business the whole time? Make sure you add value first, build a strong relationship first before promoting. People like to buy off people they already know like and trust, so if you can add value first, then you will go a long way to building the trust of your prospects.

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