Coaching for Personal Trainers

Coaching for Personal Trainers can be very expensive and it can be challenging to find a great personal training coach that offers great value for money. If you are wanting to build a successful PT business it is recommended that you seek assistance from a personal trainer coach however you want to make sure that you choose wisely.

There are a number of companies that offer coaching for pts, most of them range in the $2000+ per month range. For most personal trainers this is just not feasible, especially if you are a personal trainer just starting out. Even if you are an established PT, forking out over $2000 each month is an extremely big chunk of change to be outlaying to coaching.

Now don’t get me wrong, if the coaching is helping you to earn over $100,000 per year, then spending $24,000 per year on a personal trainer coach may not seem like a bad investment. What happens though if you only manage to earn $50-60,000 per year? $24,000 doesn’t leave much left over for all the work you put in.

If you are looking for a PT coaching course you need to look for a few key features. Obviously support plays a huge part. As a PT looking to succeed, support is probably one of the most important features of your coaching. You should be able to have multiple avenues of support such as email, online support group and 1 on 1 as well.

Other features you should look for when looking how to build a pt business by getting a personal trainer coach are what resources are available to you. Do you have scripts to work from? Do you have email templates to follow? Do you have systems for creating challenges and boot camps? Do you have social media training and if so how is it delivered? Do you have experience working in the industry? These are all questions that need asking when considering a PT marketing course or a personal training coach.

Coaching for personal trainers needs to address the number 1 need for PTs and that is more leads in the pipeline which will then translate into more PT clients. PTs need a number of strategies and methods on how to obtain more leads and the skills and training on how to convert, upsell and maximise the value of each of those leads as new clients.

Coaching for personal trainers should also include a PT marketing course, this could be video, workbooks or 1 on 1 training. Marketing elements should also be delivered through training such as live webinars which can teach specific marketing topics which every PT needs to learn. One of the biggest steps for PTs to understand is that as well as being a great personal trainer, they also need to become master marketers in order to have a successful PT business.

If you are wanting to learn how to build a PT business, another key element you will need to have is the correct business systems set up for your business. Business systems include things such as a platform where you can manage all of your clients, your payments and invoicing, your scheduling of your sessions, bookings and more. Having an all in one business system will not only save you time but it will help you keep organised. A good personal trainer coach should be able to provide you with these resources.

If you are looking for a PT business coach who is able to provide all the elements discussed in this blog post without the $2000 price tag, then I would recommend finding out more information by CLICKING HERE.