Growth for Personal Trainers

The best growth strategies for personal trainers include mastering client acquisition, client retention, business systems, sales and marketing. A combination of these growth strategies for pts are a sure way to get a fitness business moving in the right direction. A six figure income for personal trainers is what most PTs aspire to and without a grasp on the growth strategies mentioned earlier it can make things quite hard.

The key is finding a mentor or business coach for personal trainers, one that works with fitness professionals and who knows the industry. The best growth tips for PTs are usually around the marketing elements of their business, however proper planning, having a direct focus and direction are also vitally important. Without a clear vision of where you would like to take your personal training business is a recipe for disaster. Like with anything, being crystal clear on what goals and expectations you have will help drive the direction of your business. Mindset plays an extremely important part in any business. If a six figure income for personal trainers is the goal, then understanding the key growth strategies for pts will form the foundation of reaching those goals.

Some of the best growth strategies for personal trainers is around social media marketing. In this new age of technology, one can’t simply rely on friends and family to build a solid foundation for their business. Understanding how to properly utilize Facebook to build a following, integrating that with Instagram to showcase your client’s results and build that expert status then combining that with a business Youtube channel teaching different strategies through video are some of the best growth tips for personal trainers. Social media is all about helping you to build your brand, your positioning as an expert and your exposure. When it comes to your pt business, getting yourself out there has never been so crucial to business success.

In order for your business to really grow to the level where a six figure income for personal trainers is normal, then understanding the importance of client retention is paramount. If you are losing clients at the same rate of acquisition then it’s going to be hard to build a six figure income for personal trainers, or any business for that matter. Once you have your client it then comes down to relationship building and value adding. If you can master your relationship and provide over and above value to your client then you can expect to keep that client for longer, helping you to grow your PT business.

Other growth strategies for personal trainers include getting all of your business systems in order. By getting your business systems in order this will save you time and money which will free up your time to focus on other areas of your business. Even saving a few hours a week by having your business systems in order, that can be spent on marketing and acquiring more clients. Having a pt business management software such as PT Minder which helps manager areas of your business such as:

  • The Ability for clients to book and pay for classes
  • Invoicing, book keeping and reporting
  • Client management
  • Goals, assessments and measurements graphed
  • Client portal to view all payment, booking and assessments
  • Calendar to view daily, weekly and monthly clients
  • Instant email messaging to client
  • Client log in so they can purchase sessions and check their progress

Having a business system with these functionalities will contribute to being able to grow to a six figure income for pts.

Growth for personal trainers comes from a combination of hard work, having the correct systems in place and having a mentor or business coach to consistently push and drive the PT forward. Growth strategies for pts around removing themselves from the day to day running of their business is also very important. This includes hiring of staff and delegating the less important tasks in order to focus on the business building elements of the business. Having a team managing clients and the general day to day running of the business will give you the opportunity to build other areas and will contribute to the overall growth or your pt business.

The best growth strategies for pts are to start getting the overall business plan sorted, followed by setting up the correct systems to run the business effectively combined with mentoring and business coaching to keep moving you in the right direction.

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