How to Get More Personal Training Clients

When we speak to personal trainers the number one question they ask is ‘How do I get more personal training clients’? It’s the biggest challenge a PT faces, it’s either how to get more PT clients or how to market my pt business. There are many different strategies of course but in this blog I’m going to break down 2 specific strategies that are both simple to implement and extremely effective.

If you want to attract more pt clients one of the simplest strategies is to tap into your current database of clients through referrals. It’s proven that this also helps with retention when friends train together. By offering a referral promotion for all clients, this can really help boost your PT numbers. This is even more effective if you run bootcamps or challenges.

Here is the breakdown of a simple referral strategy if you are running a bootcamp or challenge. What you want to do is reward your clients for doing referring, so create a competition between your clients with a great prize up for grabs.

Some good ideas for prizes can be things such as a hotel get away in the city, or gold class movie tickets for 2, a dinner at a restaurant or something that relates to your clientele. This doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise either. If you jump on one of the many deal sites such as, groupon or deals of the day you can find some great deals which you can have as prizes for your clients who refer the most people.

Another good idea would be to speak to your current clients and let them know you are going to be running a refer a friend promotion and will be giving away prizes. Ask them the type of things they would like to win. That way you know that they are interested in the prize from the start and will be more likely to bring friends down.

In addition to any prizes you are going to give away, giving your clients the chance to get their bootcamp or challenge half price or free is also a great incentive for them to refer people.

Here is an example of the number 1 marketing rule when promoting a bootcamp or challenge:

Choose your price point, in this example we’ll use $97 for one person to join your bootcamp or challenge…..

Referral Offer:

  1. Receive 50% off if they bring a family member or friend
  1. Bring 2 people they will get their bootcamp or challenge free.

This is the #1 rule of marketing when promoting bootcamps and challenges and should be used in conjunction to any prizes or competitions you are running. This will ensure you have a lot of your current clients referring their friends and is definitely a way to attract more PT clients.

The second strategy is super powerful and one that is not only good for branding and exposure, but also a very effective way for how to get more pt clients. The strategy revolves around gift cards. Many PTs already give away a free session or 2 to help obtain new clients. Creating gift cards is a way that takes that to another level. You can get plastic gift cards created with a value, say $100 that can be redeemed on personal training sessions.


If you attach this gift card to a DL flyer which has all the details about your PT sessions, whether they are 1 on 1, small group, boot camp or transformational challenges, as well as your location and contact detail, this becomes a lot more attractive to the consumer.

You can then get your clients to give them out to their friends and family, you can partner up with other local businesses that can give them away to clients as a bonus giveaway, adding value to their own business, you could also do a mail drop. The key would be to get plenty created and have a combination of all of the above strategies.

With a combination of both the referral strategy and the gift card strategy you will be able to answering the age old question of how to increase personal training clients. The gift card attached to the DL flyer will also increase the professionalism of your marketing and gain you a lot of exposure for your business.

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