Increase PT Clients in Your Business

If you’d like to generate more PT clients for your business then you need to be an active marketer. I often write about things such as the importance of marketing ideas for personal trainers because it’s the main area that PTs struggle. My advice to any PTs out there who would like to generate more personal training clients would be to absolutely dominate a few strategies, master them, make them work for you…..then add another string to your bow.

Marketing for personal trainers varies in many ways. You can spend your time trying to get good at everything while spreading yourself extremely thin and not really making any inroads. What are the main strategies that have helped you generate more pt clients in the past? How can you run that again, but improve on it from the last time you did it?

I had a PT I was speaking to the other day, he basically said to me, ‘I have no idea how to increase Market my PT business’. I asked him how he had gained his current clients and he said to me through word of mouth. He basically had no idea about any other strategies. So I suggested he try a similar tact, but with local businesses rather than friends and family. I could see the light bulb go off inside his head as he realized that he had a number of businesses that he was really close with around his area who had a similar clientele. We discussed the idea of providing the local businesses with a $100 gift card for his PT services, attached to a DL flyer for them to give out to their clients. It is this thinking outside the box that you need to do.

Another personal trainer I was speaking to wondered why she wasn’t getting any results from boosted posts from her Facebook Page. I asked her what the call to action was in her boosted post and she said that there wasn’t one. I then found out she didn’t have a website or a landing page where she could direct people to leave their details to receive a free pass.

I advised that she create a website, even if it’s a 1 page landing page where she can give away an offer such as 3 free group training sessions in order to capture peoples’ details. This way, when she does a boosted post from her page, she can do it with her offer and link it to her web page to help generate more PT clients for her business.

If you run bootcamps or transformational challenges you should be following the number 1 referral strategy around increasing your PT clients. The way it works is like this:

You have a set price for your bootcamp or challenge, let’s say it’s $97

If one of your clients brings 1 friend or family member down, they receive 50% off their bootcamp or challenge.

If they bring 2 people down, they don’t pay anything.

If you have 10 people to start with, and they bring an average of 1 person each, you have just added 50% onto your bottom line (as the referring person will get 50% off their price) and managed to generate more personal training clients that you can now upsell, cross sell or on sell to other programs once the bootcamp or challenge has completed.

You could also create prizes and competitions around referrals and keep a leaderboard. The idea behind that is to change the psychology behind referring a friend as a hassle, to making it something fun where your clients can win prizes.

Again, in order to increase your personal training clients, market your PT business effectively and grow your business, you need to think outside of the box a little.

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