Personal Trainer Business Coaching

Personal Trainer Business Coaching

Any person who really wants to be successful in their field of business, whether it’s an athlete, a chef, or in this instance a personal trainer, you need mentoring to help you get there. If you look at the best business owners of the world, they all have a mentor or coach who has helped them with ideas, strategies and most of all, implementation.

If you look at the best athletes of the world, they all have a coach who helps them refine their technique, push them in training and work on their nutrition in order to get the best results for them.

It’s no different in business. To be successful, especially if you are just starting out or if you have hit a ceiling in your income you need a business coach to help you, mentor you and push you towards success. Personal trainers spend their life coaching and training others in fitness, but who is coaching them in business?

PT business coaching is an essential part of really getting ahead as a personal trainer. Most of the RTO’s don’t teach anything about business. Some teach a few basics, but nothing that a PT can really take out into the business world to get ahead.

Essential elements such as business systems, marketing, sales, price points, class and group pt configuration…..none of that is taught when you get your certificate of qualification as a personal trainer. That is one of the main reasons why so many PTs fail in the industry, they don’t have the knowledge to succeed in the world of business.

If you want to create a successful personal training business, you not only need to be a good personal trainer, you also need to be a successful marketer. You need to understand social media and how to use it to generate new leads, how to build your profile and get exposure.

Another problem that a lot of personal trainers face is the old catch 22 of, I need to make more money so I can afford a business coach so I can make more money. There is then the problem of which business coach to go with. There are many PT business coaches in the market who charge around $2,000 per month just on business coaching. Obviously for the PT starting out, this is just too far out of reach.

Many PTs when just starting out are barely making that themselves, so to be spending around $24,000 per year on coaching before making a wage is just not feasible. That was one of the reasons PT Business Coaches was put together.

PT Business Coaches is a program dedicated to helping personal trainers who are either just starting out and needing to learn how to grow their business or for established personal trainers who are looking to take their business to the next level.

The key is mastering sales, marketing and business systems. These are the key elements of more clients and more money. These, along with social media and ongoing support are some of the main elements to the PT Business Coaches Inner Circle program.

PT Business Coaches Inner Circle Business Membership is not priced like most PT business Coaches. It is priced at a point where even beginner PTs are able to jump on board and build their business without braking the bank. Another great benefit is the $7 30 day trial of the program. You can get access to the entire first module, the support and all the bonuses for only $7. This gives you a full month to trial out the program before making a decision.

If you would like to trial out the system CLICK HERE to get immediate access the PT Business Coaches Inner Circle Membership trial offer.

At the end of the day, if you are not currently where you need to be within your business, the best option to get you there is to be mentored by those that have been there before, succeeded and can pass on the skills you need.