PT Coaching Courses

There are many different types of PT Coaching Courses available, many are to assist personal trainers with different exercises, techniques, equipment and nutrition. What we are going to discuss in this article is what’s available for a personal trainer in regards to helping them build their business.

For a PT to be successful in the health and fitness industry, grow a sustainable business and not become another statistic, there are a few key elements that they need to master. Probably the first and most important aspect of any type of business, but especially the personal training industry due to the high competition, is mastering marketing. Without a good understanding of how to market your business and get it out into the world in order to generate an ongoing flow of new and interested prospects, your PT business will struggle to succeed.

Many PTs rely on things such as word of mouth and referrals as well as friends and family. This will only get you so far, that’s why it’s crucial to understand a number of really important marketing strategies. These include online, offline, social media, referral marketing, partnership marketing, guerilla marketing and more. Getting your marketing sorted from the start will help you build a solid foundation for the future growth of your business.

If you want to know how to build a PT business to 6 and even 7 figures per year you will also need to know a number of ways to sell. Selling is part of business and the better you are at it, the more money you will make.

Selling doesn’t just mean closing people who enquire about your services, selling also includes strategies such as cross selling, upselling and down selling as well. Being able to extract the optimal amount on money per client will go a long way in building your business revenue.

There are not too many PT coaching courses out there that really cover these 2 critical elements for business growth to help PTs get ahead. A PT marketing course should be continually evolving, especially with the pace of social media and mobile marketing. If the course is outdated or old this should throw up red flags as the marketplace is continually evolving. What worked 6 months or a year ago may not be as relevant as it is today.

Coaching for PTs can also be quite expensive. There are a few main companies in Australia who offer PT Business Coaching at around $2,000 per month. For the average personal trainer this is far beyond what they can afford.

The main things a PT coaching course needs is support. Having someone or multiple people that you can tap into to get assistance with your business is critical. A personal training coach that is on hand to work on specific topics such as sales and marketing to help you improve your business is crucial to getting ahead, learning new strategies and staying one step ahead of your competitors.

Without a personal trainer coach to work on business related topics your growth can be slow. In order to really get ahead you need a mentor, someone who has been there before and who can offer advice, strategies, support and implementation ideas for you. Having resources readily available is also very important. Items such as email templates, lead capture pages, phone and face to face scripts and cheat sheets are really going to help with business growth but will also save a lot of time with trial and error.

If you need help growing your business, are in need of new lead generation strategies, help with marketing and sales and business systems then a PT coaching course will help your overall business growth.

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