Social Media Will Play a HUGE Part in Your PT Business in 2015

There is no secret about the power of Social Media for a PT business. It’s the place for you to connect with your community, have people find you online, where you can brand yourself as an expert in your field, generate leads, market your business… The list goes on.

It is more important than ever to be across social media for your PT business and to be not just on it, but actively using it as a business building tool. A lot of Personal Trainers coming into the industry are aware that they need to be using social media, but many of them just don’t know where to start.

There are a few places you can start, there is the obvious one, Facebook. There is Twitter. One I really like and that is really helping personal trainers get noticed is Instagram.

Instagram is a fantastic social media site that has led to the popularity and exposure of many fitness professionals. It literally levels the playing field and can be a great way for the everyday trainer to build huge exposure for themselves and their business as a brand.

There is almost a set formula of what a lot of the great fitness professionals post to help build their popularity and the thing is, anyone can do it. It simply requires a bit of effort, consistency and the ability to get yourself out there.

The main thing I would like you to take away from this blog post is the ability to have a plan. What is it that you want to achieve? Sometimes there are a few different objectives you may want to get out of deciding to become a fitness social media celebrity or go to person.

Firstly you need to embrace social media and not be afraid to get yourself out there. You need to look at Instagram as a new age way to gain exposure for your business. In years prior to social media, advertising was a whole different kettle of fish. Business relied on things like letterbox drops, ads in the local newspaper and other costly offline strategies.

In this day and age, those strategies just don’t work like they used to. It has moved quickly to online exposure and how best to spend your ‘online marketing’ dollars. With social media though, it levels the playing field and most of what you do these days, especially on Instagram, is FREE.

Anyone who is committed and determined to build their business understands that they need to master social media in order to really build a solid foundation for their business. There is too much competition out there to not be doing it. The great thing is, those who do it well can literally catapult themselves above 90% of personal trainers out there who are not willing to embrace the new wave of gaining business exposure.

In regards to buying habits, people are a lot more likely to purchase something from someone they already know, like and trust. Even if they have never met them before, if they feel like they have a connection through different content they have seen and been engaged with online, the chances of them making a purchase or becoming a client are a lot higher.

Things such as short videos which you can post on Instagram, whether it’s a specific workout, or a quick clip on some sort of diet or nutrition advice, or just day to day health and fitness related content, this is a great way to connect and have people feel like they already know you.

Social proof is also a huge way to bring peoples buying resistance down. Posting images of your clients’ fantastic results is a perfect way to build social proof. In the mind of the everyday consumer who is looking at your Instagram posts, they are subconsciously thinking in the back of their mind, wow, if he/she can get those results for that person, then I bet they can get those results for me.

If you want to really stand out, you want to add a professional layer to your posting. What I mean by this is to create your images with your business branding, so this could be your logo that appears on each of your posts, or images you put up there. You can also do simple things such as adding a filter to your images to add that extra layer of cool. This adds a real professional touch and gives you brand recognition every time people see your posted images and videos online. The more people see you and your business brand/logo online, the more social proof you are building.

Another tip is, try and be known for something. Find something that you are really good at or that people will follow you for. There are many different things which this could be. Look at what some of the most successful fitness Instagram users are doing. Usually you will find some form of similarity in how they post. So this might be that you post about a certain type of information on nutrition or diet, it might be that when you do videos, you have a catch phrase, or a workout or body part that you specialise in such as abs, or that you make your videos light and funny.

You need to find out what is going to set yourself apart from the crowd and make people take interest in you. Obviously you want to be yourself, but also challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone a little, especially when getting things started.

Your strategy should be a combination of a content strategy, ie. What you are going to post and when you are going to post it. Content of course is a key pillar in becoming a successful brand online. Second of all, you want to decide on your strategy on building up your fans and followers. Finally, you want to plan how to want to monetize your following moving forward. Initially things will be slow as you build your following, but you want to have a plan for when things really start to take off.

Consistency is definitely the key here, if you can keep consistent and in line with your marketing goals and objectives, then over time you will build a solid asset for your business. The end goal in all of this is to be able to monetize your business and get to the stage where you are not trading your time for money as a sole form of income. You want to be able to create multiple income streams, some of which will be online, in order to free up your time and leverage the network of followers you are building.

So be sure to plan, organise and set out your Instagram strategy. Then it’s a matter of being consistent, interactive, educational and entertaining. If you’re not already on Instagram, download the mobile app from the app store or google play and get started today?