Top Tips for Networking as a Personal Trainer

Top Tips for Networking as a Personal Trainer

Whether you have already built up part of your reputation as a personal trainer or just starting to make your way in the fitness industry, one must understand the importance of networking.

Networking involves contacting, conversing, keeping in touch and getting yourself involved with groups of people in your industry and niche market. With this will come the need for an adept level in social skills, if you don’t already have them then now is the time to start learning.

As a fitness professional you are in effect your own business, check our tips and advice as to why networking is so important for personal trainer in this article.

Seek to Build Solid Relationships

The acquaintances that can be made within communities should focus on customers and business associates. One should try and get to know as many people as you can without being overbearing. To truly become successful as a personal trainer you will need to put yourself out there and open up, and get customers and other professionals to open up to you.

Target Familiar Faces

By seeking out familiar faces to network with such as family, friends and acquaintances, you can practise your pitch on them and work on people skills. Being shy will not get you far when networking so give it your all.

When you deal with real potential customers, try dropping it in the end of the conversation that you run a fitness business. Always carry business cards with you too, one to pass on to them and another for their friends who may be interested. Be courteous and offer them your help always and remember that first impressions last a lifetime.

On business cards, I like when fitness professionals have offers on the back of their cards, e.g. 3 Free PT Sessions or a Free Fitness Assessment valued at $97.

Learn to listen

Listening is vital for networking as a personal trainer. You need to listen to new people that you meet. Listen to their needs, wants and desires first and foremost. When you attend fitness conferences or expos take notes and listen to the advice of your peers.

If you do get drawn into conversations, remember personal details about people that you can bring up and ask next time you see them. This will show that you display interest and impress many folk. Conversing with others can spark new ideas or processes that could help you expand your personal training business. Life is full of great opportunity, so be open to them.

Follow up With New Contacts

Any occurring contacts should be followed up in any of your networking as a personal trainer. Keep note of your contacts in an address book, your cell phone and email account. Make sure all of your interactions are friendly by offering to meet up for lunch or coffee, even a quick phone call can suffice around a busy schedule.

As you begin to follow these steps, it will often create a snowball effect and you will start to see your hard work paying off. It is often said that follow-up is king!

Attend Community Events

By attending different events in your local community, you could invite individuals to partake and come along to join in the fun. This could be a sporting event or local theatre production, use the intervals as your chance to integrate your partners into the conversation too. Again, use this as a chance to pass over a few business cards and ask them for one in return and show a level of class and genuinely in the process.

Most local areas will have clubs or organisations that you could become a part of. These will be more abundant in large urban areas and you should look for ones that relate to your business in some way. Follow the lead of people who are well respected in the communities you join and learn from their examples, one must learn to give and take in the fitness industry and give back as much as you receive toward those helping you.

Small Talk can Lead to New Clients

Small talk may be nothing but drivel to the unknown but as a personal trainer looking to network; knowing how to small talk with others can be a great advantage to you as a business.

This does not mean you have to stop people in the street, instead do it with people whom you would normally encounter like neighbours, check out staff or local store owners and managers. Open up with general topics like the state of weather and expand from there; you never know what a simple hello can lead to.

I remember many years ago a bank teller that would serve me every week for 6 months asked for a business card. My card has a free 30-minute consultation offer on the back. Within one week she became a long-term client and also referred three of her friends. Small talk can often lead to many new clients.

Read Current Print on Internet, Papers and TV

Keep your knowledge relevant by utilising the media as a powerful weapon, by keeping yourself up to date with current news and events so that you can keep your conversation relevant. Interesting topics are a good way to start a conversation and will keep people gripped to you for longer. Always end a conversation if you can by giving the person a business card (with an offer).